Ant-Man 3 Could Hold the Key to a Big Kang Reveal in the MCU

Ant-Man 3 Could Hold the Key to a Big Kang Reveal in the MCU

Spoilers for Loki season 1 follow.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania star Jonathan Majors has teased that "different iterations" of Kang will appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Speaking to Brazilian outlet Somos Geeks (opens in a new tab) (skip to 3:00 am), Majors, who plays Kang the Conqueror throughout Marvel's multiverse saga, suggested we might see other versions. of the iconic supervillain in upcoming movies and TV shows. shows shows

This may not be a huge spoiler. MCU fans who watched Loki season 1 on Disney Plus will know that Majors has already played one of Kang's other MCU variants, aka He Who Remains, which appears to be based on Immortus, one of the variants from the comics. of Kang.

In Loki Episode 6, He Who Remains also confirmed that other Kang variants would cross over into the MCU if Loki and Sylvie kill him, as He Who Remains is the only one that successfully prevented other universes (and Kangs) from invading the MCU. - Called sacred chronology. Sylvie ended up murdering the One Who Remains, helping to bring about the coming of the multiverse.

What's interesting about Majors' comments, though, is that he (or rather, Marvel) doesn't use the word "variant" when talking about the multiverse's many versions of Kang. Instead, he uses an entirely different description for the Marvel Phase 5 villain, which is sure to pique the interest of comic book fans.

“When they said there would be different iterations, that's actually the word they used, they didn't say variations," Majors revealed. "So when they said there were different iterations of this character, I was like 'Okay, great, I'd like to take this. and try it.""

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will be the next Marvel movie to hit theaters. The superhero movie will kick off MCU Phase 5, and after a somewhat mixed mix in MCU Phase 4, we hope the Marvel movie giant gets back on track.

Analysis: a vital multiversal distinction

The one who stays smiles as he puts his feet up on a table in Loki episode 6

The one that remains is one of multiple iterations of Kang. (Image credit: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Spoilers for Doctor Strange 3 and Spider-Man: No Way Home follow.

It's important to address the "different iterations" distinction between Majors and Marvel. After all, the term "variant", at least in the context of the MCU, has been used to describe and/or show various incarnations of popular Marvel characters.

Take Doctor Strange 2, for example. In this MCU movie, we saw Benedict Cumberbatch playing four versions of the Master of the Mystic Arts. We can classify the other three as variants of the MCU's Doctor Strange because, aside from the different choices they made in their own universes, they appear to be the same character, someone with the same strengths, weaknesses, and personality, as the MCU version. . .

The word "iteration" means something entirely different to Kang. Its use implies that we will see other versions of Kang in Phases 5 and 6, but he will not be the same character that we saw in Loki Season 1 or that we see in Ant-Man 3.

In his talk with We Are Geeks, Majors revealed that each iteration of Kang comes from a "very particular world and must serve that world... they are a byproduct of those worlds. They move and behave differently." In our opinion, this quote, along with Majors' previous response, suggests that we will see extremely important versions of Kang brought to life in the MCU.

In the Marvel comics, Kang, a time travel genius, has several variations. These include the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Rama-Tut, a turn-of-the-century mayor named Victor Timely, the Doctor Doom-inspired scarlet centurion, Qeng Enterprises CEO Mister Gryphon, and the young avenger known as Iron Lad. These variants of Kang exist in the Marvel Comics Universe at different times, are older or younger than Kang himself, and span the spectrum of good and evil.

And that's what makes Majors and Marvel using "different iterations" so important. We may not only see the same version of Kang, someone the same age and with the same personalities/ambitions as the Ant-Man 3 version, appearing in the MCU until Avengers: Secret Wars, which is scheduled to arrive in the cinemas. in 2026.

Instead, we could see Majors portray any or all of the above, which would make for plenty of crowd-pleasing moments on the big screen. We've seen Marvel take a similar approach before with Spider-Man: No Way Home, with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Men, who are older and more experienced than Tom Holland's web-slinging, teaming up on the MCU. for shine effect. Why wouldn't Marvel do the same here and have the older ones play different versions of Kang at different stages of his life and plans for multiverse conquest? We're crossing our fingers (including all of our own multiverse variants) that we're right with this theory.

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