If you are new in a town, you went on a trip or you are visiting a friend, and you want to know where there are stores of food near me, one of the best options is to use Google Maps on your mobile phone.

Because in addition to being one of the most precise tools, that is, no matter the country, city or address, it will always offer you the best options. It is also very easy to use, not to mention that you can have it on both iOS and Android mobiles.

Also, it doesn't necessarily show you just takeout places, but also food delivery establishments. You only have to learn to use it and here we will give you a step by step, so that, when locating a place to eat, you know exactly how to do it.

Google Maps is your best ally

For a long time, takeaway or home delivery services have become a "must" for society. But with the Covid-19 pandemic, it ceased to be a convenience, to become a necessity. It is that not being able to leave, these service modalities had to be activated, even in countries where they were not implemented at all.

However How do you know where those food places are, or the grocery stores in your area of ​​residence? Simple, you just have to activate Google Maps on your smartphone, and follow these steps:

  • The first thing you should do is search your phone for the tool Google Maps.
  • Being a tool that finds everything you are looking for - from parks, hotels and urbanizations, you have to filter your search to “takeaway or delivery places”.
  • It is worth noting that it also applies to bars. When you are already in Google Maps, look at the top left, where the cards are “Home”, “Restaurants”, “Gas Stations” and other categories of places.
  • Continue until you find one called "More".
  • Clicking there will bring up a menu of categories. Select the option that says “Eat and drink”.
  • Then, and depending on what you want at that moment, click on the option “To take away” or “At home”.
  • It will immediately appear as a list, with all the options of restaurants or food stores, that offer this service, either to take away, or at home

Filter places by price or distances

It is assumed that when you are looking for places to eat, what you want is that they are close to you; that is, from your area of ​​residence. However, when you don't use any filters, Google Maps shows you an order based on other people's ratings, as well as other aspects.

But, you can change that completely, when you are the one who chooses the filters, always according to what you are looking for. For example, if you want to find the cheapest restaurants adjacent to your residence, it will probably give you these options:

  • chinese food restaurants
  • Japanese food
  • American food
  • Another type of food that is “inexpensive”

But, then how are these filters used?, or where do I place them? You just have to follow these steps:

  • After having chosen the category you want, that is “To take away” or “At home”, a list of results will appear
  • At the top of that list are options for selecting filters, including: Relevance, Distance, Personal Match, Open Now, Top Rated, and Price.
  • In case you want the cheapest sites first, select the “Price” filter, and from there you will choose the option you want. Remember that the more dollar or euro symbols appear, the higher the price
  • If what you want is another filter, you simply click on the one you want, and then press the “done” button, and it will immediately apply the selected filter
  • Then Google Maps will show the restaurants according to the filters you chose

food sites by rating

If you don't care about the price, because what you want is quality, then you have to choose the rating filter. That way Google Maps will show you the results of the best restaurants, near where you are. As in the "Prices" filter, you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to Google Maps
  • Place the area you want to explore
  • Go to the tab for that place, and press the "Restaurants" option. Another option is to write the word "Restaurants" in the search engine
  • In the upper left, the filters will appear
  • Press the "Rating" button
  • Then, on another screen, aspects will appear that you can define about the restaurants you are looking for, such as the average rating
  • But, if you only want the best, you should filter your search much more, to only restaurants that have an average rating of 5 stars

Google Maps on iOS and Android

The Google Maps tool is one of the best when it comes to searching for places, hotels, restaurants, but it is currently setting a trend when it comes to “takeaway” or “delivery”.

Best of all, is that you can already get it both in iOS as in Android. And although they are different brands, the application works very similarly in both.

In the case of map graphics, both use the same basis for their operation, that is, both show buildings in 3D, streets, colors, among other elements. However, Android has internal data that iOS does not.

However, iOS have a better design section. And although both are very similar, Android has more advantages when it comes to functionality.

Find food by apps

Although Google Maps already has the option of “take away” or “delivery” food, there are people who prefer to locate restaurants through their application.

But, that is possible when you know the food places that you have near your house. When you don't know them completely, the best thing will always be to resort to Google Maps, because in less than a minute, and according to your filters, it will select all the restaurants adjacent to your area.

And you don't have to walk a meter to discover them, so don't hesitate to start using this precise, easy and wonderful Google tool.

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