A dedicated gamer used a Minecraft mod to accomplish the extraordinary feat of building a PC and then running Doom on it.

Reddit user Onesnowcrow posted a video showing how the player ordered computer parts via satellite internet in the game Minecraft, dropped them from the air, assembled them, installed Windows 98, and then demonstrated their power by first using the Paint program. , then running it and playing. Loss.

It's been a popular trend on the internet for years to see how many different ways and mediums you can play the legacy first-person shooter, but it's definitely one of the most creative. You can watch the video here (opens in a new tab).

did_he_just_order_pc_parts_via_satellite_internet from r/pcmasterrace

Analysis: "Doom" modification and beyond

Somebody Get Something-Something to run Doom has become famous for memes right now, because people all over the world are using all sorts of things that don't play Doom to do just that.

Like the time someone played the game through a pregnancy test or when Doom checked someone's Twitter profile. Clearly, the "but can it run Doom?" many creative developers took the challenge seriously.

And sometimes the challenge goes beyond Doom, as one inventive person has made the full version of Pokémon Red playable through their own Twitter avatar. Not to mention the most recent "Twitch Plays Elden Ring," which was inspired by the famous "Twitch Plays Pokemon" event.

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