At we offer a drone course designed for any user, whether beginner or advanced, to learn how to use drones in the safest and most efficient way. The course is taught in person in different cities in Spain, with a variety of schedules to adapt to the schedules of the students.

Course benefits

The main benefits of the course are:

  • Learn the legal rules: You will learn all the laws and regulations that you must respect to fly with your drone legally and safely.
  • Learn to control your drone: You will learn to handle your drone safely and efficiently so that you can make the most of its potential.
  • Learn to plan your flights: You will learn to plan your flights safely and efficiently to obtain the best results.
  • Learn to use technology: You will learn to use the latest technology available for drones so that you can explore new opportunities.

Course content

The course is designed for students to learn everything related to drones, from basic theory to flight practice. The course content is divided into several sections:

Section 1: Introduction to drones

This section explains the basic theory about drones. The basic operation of drones is explained, the different types of drones, the different flight systems and the different types of cameras available.

Section 2: Regulations and legislation

This section explains the regulations and legislation related to the use of drones. It explains what laws you must respect when flying with your drone, where you can fly and what are the fines and sanctions that apply to users who do not comply with the regulations.

Section 3: Flight Practice

This section explains how to fly your drone safely and efficiently. It explains how to calibrate the drone before flying, how to plan a safe flight, and how to control the drone during the flight.

Section 4: Video post-processing

This section explains how to edit and post-process video or images taken with the drone. It explains the different video editing programs, how to add effects and how to share the video with other users.


El drone course de is a course designed for beginners or advanced users who want to learn everything related to drones. The course covers both theory and practice so that the student can learn to use his drone safely and efficiently. In addition, the course offers a section dedicated to video post-processing so that students can get the most out of the images and videos they take with their drone.

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