Function: sports record, recording speed, exercise time, sports mileage, calories burned, sleep monitoring, health monitoring, real-time heart rate measurement, blood pressure measurement
Information push call reminder (SMS / QQ / microchannel / SKYPE / Fb's / Twitter's / line / the WhatsApp / LinkedIn / Instagram / TIM / SnapChat), anti-lost reminder
Vital health assistant and a plurality of movement patterns, the smart watch health tracker has optical heart rate monitor, blood pressure, sedentary reminder, odometer and sleep quality monitoring, a plurality of movement patterns and can record and adjust life patterns. (Note: Monitor heart rate and blood pressure for reference only and cannot be used as a medical diagnosis.)
(Sports utility): Perfect multisport watch odometer mode gives a better training experience: Real-time heart rate movement tracking reduces the danger of running time, distance, speed and running.
(Heart rate detection): XNUMX-hour real-time heart rate monitoring, night infrared heart rate monitor, based on heart rate warning, intelligent monitoring training scenario, when measurements are more accurate, our fitness tracker offers hundreds and hundreds of lifestyle and fitness skills.

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