This week in crypto we discovered that up to 1200 old bitcoins from dormant addresses had moved in the days after the FTX collapse, Palantir co-founder Joe Lonsdale warned that Crypto Collapse could get worse in the future, Silvergate CEO responds to the Concerns Bank Could Be Near Insolvency, Mazars Report Reveals Binance's Bitcoin Reserves Hit (*7*)% Collateral Rate, And US Judge Ordered Celsius To Return USD 50 million in cryptocurrencies to users of deposit accounts.

In the sequel to the FTX saga, the former Alameda CEO spent over €10 million on luxury properties months before the exchange collapsed, Sam Bankman-Fried publicly refused to testify before the House of Representatives committee on the US, said US House Financial Services Chair Maxine Waters. was 'It is imperative that Bankman-Fried attend the December 13 hearing, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said he believes Bankman-Fried stole client funds, and a former US federal prosecutor. he said Bankman-Fried should be "very concerned about jail time."

Vitalik Buterin revealed five features that made him most excited about Ethereum, and Tether included the Chinese Yuan (CNH₮) offshore stablecoin on Tron in its offering. Circle changed its mind about seeking a public listing in the near future, ConsenSys reduced MetaMask user data retention to 7 days after backlash, Nexo said it would leave the US by 30% due to poor conditions From the market.

Meanwhile, Binance CEO warned of a new type of hack targeting the cryptocurrency industry, North Korean hackers created a fake cryptocurrency exchange that infects users' devices with malware, a 25-year-old American was sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing more than €20 million worth of crypto, and DappRadar discovered that in November alone, a record €4.88 billion worth of crypto was lost or stolen.

South Korean prosecutors failed in their effort to arrest Terraform Labs co-founder Daniel Shin after a court denied his request, a Chinese court found that NFTs represent virtual property and are protected by copyright law , the Japanese government came close to adopting the FATF cryptographic AML guidelines into national law, the Salvadoran president criticized “mainstream media” for their attacks on adopting BTC as legal tender, and Russian lawmakers were about to about to legalize cryptomining. Meanwhile, a tailor shop in the Ukraine has been exposed as a front for an illegal cryptocurrency mining operation.

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