10 Android tips you need to know as of 2022

10 Android tips you need to know as of 2022

Oh, the holidays. However you prefer to celebrate winter (I'm a Festivus man myself), the end of December is a great time to relax and collect your thoughts for the year ahead.

That means it's also a great time to contemplate that crazy little computer in your pocket and the steps you can take to make it even more powerful, because guess what? A few minutes of tuning in now will make your life noticeably easier throughout 2023. Think of it as a gift to yourself, a gift that keeps on giving, and most importantly, one that doesn't cost you a dime. .

In case you missed any of them in the first round or just didn't have time to try them all, here are some of my favorite Android tips for boosting Android Intelligence productivity in 2022.

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Android Tips on Hidden Shortcuts and System Features

A wild new way to use Android widgets

Disclaimer: You've never seen Android widgets quite like this, and once you do, you'll never think of them the same way again.

An Android Shortcut Secret

Take advantage of this time-saving treasure and watch your efficiency soar.

10 hidden tricks to get the most out of Android gestures

Navigate your phone faster than ever with these easy-to-miss advanced shortcuts for Android's gesture navigation system.

Android tips on advanced options for major Google apps and services

7 Gboard settings that will optimize your typing on Android

These easy-to-apply tweaks will help you fly around your keyboard like a true typing pro.

6 Secret Settings for a Smarter Chrome Android Setup

Enhance your smartphone browsing experience with these powerful yet completely hidden options.

12 Hidden Handy Tricks for Google Calendar on Android

Enhance your journal with these hidden time savers in the Android Calendar app.

10 tips for more efficient Android messaging

Save time and communicate more effectively with these advanced options for Google's Messages Android app.

14 ways Google Lens can save you time on Android

Google Lens might turn you into a mobile tech wizard, but its tricks are up to you.

Android tips on plugin tweaks that improve efficiency

3 Quick Tips for Smarter Android Sharing

It just happened: moving things between your Android phone and computer shouldn't be a problem, no matter what desktop platform you're using.

5 Advanced Plugins for Android Gmail App

Give your Android Gmail game that extra touch with these rare but easily overlooked enhancements.

Bonus: a bunch of hacks for your old Android devices

20 good uses for an old Android device

We all love buying new gadgets, but what about the old ones? Here are 20 clever ways to use all your old Android phones and tablets, too.

Thanks as always for reading me and happy holidays to you and yours!

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